200 words about Turning Away

By Josh Holin

“The situation in Mosul has escalated with over one-hundred dead”— click — “…now we have to consider who we’re letting into our country” – click – “marriage is between a man and a” — click — “We’re going to make America gre..“ — click“the man was unarmed when police opened fire” — click — clickclick“Oh my god, they killed Kenny!”

We turn away to something safe, familiar, and just fantastical enough to allow our brains to shut off for a moment. We turn away because what we’re turning to isn’t real. Because it’s easier to change the channel than to face the bitter truth that the America we live in is captivated by characters. Characters get ratings and ratings get higher. Growing until they outweigh reality and make us wonder, if the general populace had its way would we really change anything? Or would we just keep changing the channel?

It’s a question that on TV precedes a fade to black and scrolling credits. Leaving us with an unbearable cliffhanger, begging us to tune in next time. Yet, even the greatest shows end without an answer. We’re left dangling from the precipice, wondering.

Editor’s note: This story is part of our November 2016 series ‘Hundreds of Words about The America I Live In’


Josh is a copywriter looking to dive into the advertising industry. He bleeds Eagles green, so he’s used to disappointment. Find out more about Josh at his aptly named website, www.joshholin.com

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