100 words about Thoughts from a Fetus

By Kim Smith

Editor’s note: This story, despite being very real, is fictional.

Christy walks to the clinic
Careful thought
She will end this pregnancy

Ashley walks across town, pregnant
Careening car
Her life is snuffed out

Christy signs consent forms
She understands
Her body is her own

Driver presses inked fingers to form
Police custody
Two counts of manslaughter

Sarah lies on the bathroom floor
Painful contractions
She grieves her baby’s death

Christy lies on the surgical table
Vacuum extraction
Fetal tissue shredded and gone

Eight weeks
Heartbeat, brainwaves
Head, limbs, fingers, eyes

Part of a woman’s body?
Or a human being?
It can’t be both.

Editor’s note: This story is part of our November 2016 series ‘Hundreds of Words about The America I Live In’


Kim Smith hails from Upstate NY and loves to ponder life’s mysteries. Reading, knitting, dating her husband, and snuggling with cats are some of her favorite activities.

Read Hundreds of Words by Kim Smith here.


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