100 words about It’s a Trap!

By Kim Smith

It’s a trap!

So said a shocked Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars episode VI.

Do you remember the show, “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” It’s a trap! Should you become a contestant, your hubris will end in humiliation.

When you watch the news, do you wonder how some people can be so stupid? It’s a trap! When we wield contempt, we prove ourselves to be the foolish ones. We cover our ears, saying, “I’m not listening!” We cease to learn.

When we feel superior, let’s picture Ackbar sputtering through his barbels, “It’s a trap!” Let us embrace humility.


Kim Smith hails from Upstate NY and loves to ponder life’s mysteries. Reading, knitting, dating her husband, and snuggling with cats are some of her favorite activities.

Read Hundreds of Words by Kim Smith here.

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