200 words about a Mythical Place

By Monika Arbaciauskaite

My point of view originates from a place in the universe that, to me, is currently a myth.

My soul is constantly defined by a space within this world that I have no memory of experiencing. My body originated there and yet, I personally have no proof that this geographical entity exists besides the fact that my family believes in it as well. I speak a language that could very well be a nonsensical combination of characters because I believe that it brings me closer to that place.

If you take a person away from the country in which they were born, does that place leave them? Is that person constantly defined by something that they can no longer describe? How much does the space you find yourself in play a role in who you are?

Lithuania will always live within me. In that way, I will always live within it.

I believe in the difference of the physical space and the mental place. Lithuania has grown to be a myth in my head, something that constantly defines me, but also something that I can no longer sense or reach.

I may live here, but I will always be there.

Editor’s note: This story is part of our September 2016 series ‘Hundreds of Words about Location: Where are you, and how does it affect how you see the world?’


Monika Arbaĉiauskaitė is in her last year of studying chemical engineering and philosophy at Syracuse University. When she isn’t filling up pages with calculations, she can be found reading with a nice cup of coffee by her side, watching crappy reality television, or teaching people how to say her last name. Stop by and say hi @arbmonika.

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