100 words about Normal Change

By Kim Smith

Central New York reminds me that change is normal.


We have four distinct seasons

With blizzards and happy snow days

    (and a salt-encrusted car stuck in the driveway),

Bright green shoots and beautiful blooms

    (and a ten-day deluge that holds up yard work),

Hot summer days and glorious thunderstorms

    (and hours of lawn-mowing each week),

Flame-colored leaves and ten varieties of fresh apples

    (and now it’s dark by dinnertime).


Just as I settle into a season, the next one is here.

Could I live somewhere else? Maybe.

But I prefer the change I know. The change that stays the same.

Editor’s note: This story is part of our September 2016 series ‘Hundreds of Words about Location: Where are you, and how does it affect how you see the world?’


Kim Smith hails from Upstate NY and loves to ponder life’s mysteries. Reading, knitting, dating her husband, and snuggling with cats are some of her favorite activities.

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